Ep.5 - The Fitness Video

Ep.5 - The Fitness Video
Day 1 vs Day 180: My 6 Month Body Transformation.

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My 6-Month Body Transformation (Skinny Fat to Fit)

Hey everyone,

Firstly, what an incredible couple of months it's been since we launched the channel! I just wanted to say thank you to all of my subscribers.

When we started this channel it was really just an experiment to see if "making learning fun" was possible and I think it's safe to say that the concept has been validated.

Now you're all probably wondering...

"What the heck is taking so long with the videos?!?"

Firstly, I'm of the opinion that quality is more important than quantity. I'd much rather upload a couple of really good videos that are on brand and up to our standard rather than ship something at some arbitrary timeframe.

Building a new business is a marathon so each step should be about improving.

Due to the channel blowing up, we went to the drawing board to develop an internal process (and expand the team) to be able to scale this channel.

With the track we're currently on, the most important thing is being able to consistently produce high-quality videos. To future-proof ourselves, we implemented some new processes, brought on some help, and experimented with some new tech as well (ai).

Doing all of this (and some personal life changes: 💍+✈️+👶) added time to the actually video production timeline.

That being said, this video is the first video that I started filming, and because when I started I had no plan, no process, no outline, and no script, we had to retroactively write what actually happened to create some semblance of a story and then fit in the actual videos we shot into what happened.

If you've ever created a video before you understand how difficult of a task that was. We had to aggregate all of the videos, timestamp them, reflect on what I was training, recall what else was going on in my life, actually develop a script out of it, and then check if we had the corresponding footage to be able to showcase it.

Retroactively laying out 6 months of workout footage.

Then after we did all of that.

We scrapped it... 🙃

Because it wasn't good.

I'm in a privileged position where I don't NEED to upload for money right now. I told myself that this entire first year was for me to experiment and become great at the craft of producing videos.

I'm very critical of the movie industry (and certain brands) that just pump out content for the sake of pumping it out and milking their audience.

I want to be proud of everything that I produce and the first version of this video wasn't good. It was mildly entertaining but it had no real value. At the end of the day, we're a learning channel and I want everyone who watches my videos to actually learn something.

I realized that the problem was that I was too "advanced" when it came to working out, not in a way where I'm super fit but I had been around it for so long it was hard for me to talk to a newer audience.

Fitness has been a major part of my life and even though I couldn't ever push myself (due to my injury) I've been doing it for long enough that I kind of glazed over concepts that a newer person might've needed some additional details about.

So, I took some time and surveyed what people struggled with when it came to fitness. I asked family/friends and asked my followers on IG.

This is when I realized that (like with most things) all of the information is available (there are a ton of great workout videos on YT) what's tough is knowing where to start and being consistent.

I took a beginner's mindset to the video and thought about my early days approaching my fitness goals and I realized that the foundations have always stayed the same.

Once we did that, the story naturally appeared. My 6-month body transformation had a really clear and linear path based on my personal goals.

I always start any new learning endeavor or challenge by building up the habit and then slowly stacking on important (but simple) practices to maintain consistency long enough to see traction.

Even still...

It took 9 iterations of the script to finally be in a place where we felt happy with the product.

We learned a lot by creating this video, and by doing so, we also developed some new processes to produce videos at a faster rate.

I hope you guys enjoy this video, a beginner's guide to fitness.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments and on Twitter!

Much love,

Tim Kim