Ep.4 - The Breakdancing Video

Ep.4 - The Breakdancing Video

Working title:

I Learned How To Breakdance In 30 Days to Compete!

Ok, so if you've been following along with us,

  • Episode 1 - "The Steak Video" gave us confidence.
  • Episode 2 - "The Grafitti Video" gave us style.

"The Breaking Video" was about putting everything we learned together into a single video.

In "The Grafitti Video" we got a lot of feedback from others saying that they wanted to hear my perspective more during the learning process rather than just a step-by-step explanation.

Rather than only showing what I was learning and what I was doing they said it would've been cool to hear more about how I was thinking (and feeling) during the process.

We included many more narrative takes and Jared was very intentional about popping the camera on and asking me leading up to "The Jam" about how I felt.

It gave the video a more intimate feeling, we even had a friend say that they felt like they were learning along with us.

Originally, we thought we had just over 2 weeks to prepare for the jam but it ended up getting rescheduled so I ended up having just under 4 weeks to prepare.

For the purpose of the video, we couldn't find a way to neatly fit that shift into the storyline so we decided to edit those parts out since "I learned x thing in 30 days" is a very trendy thing to do on YouTube.

We also went back and forth on if we should include the recovery section but I wanted this video to include a realistic image of what it's like to intensely train a new physical skill at this pace.

I'd love your opinion on if you enjoyed that part of the video at all.

Internal goal: Incorporate additional takes on "thoughts and feelings" to give the audience a deeper insight into what it was like to learn (and compete) a new physically demanding skill.

Parameters: Make the skill approachable for new learners while making the video enjoyable to watch

Purpose: We want someone interested in breaking to get a sense of where to start and what to practice while feeling inspired to learn after watching the video.

I personally think this is our best video yet and from a production standpoint it took us the least amount of time to edit once we decided on the concept and filmed the journey.

I made a playlist with all of the videos I used to learn in the Resources tab.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Much love,

Tim Kim