Ep.6 - The "YouTube" Video

Ep.6 - The "YouTube" Video
I went from ZERO to 100k Subscribers in 6 months.

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I grew from ZERO to 100K SUBSCRIBERS in 6 MONTHS | How I Became a YouTuber

Hey everyone,

With the quick growth of the channel, I got flooded with requests from my viewers (you guys) asking me about how I was able to achieve what I did in such a short period, especially with ZERO filmmaking experience.

It reminded me of the questions I was getting when I first landed my programming job. I figured I'd listen to the crowd and pause on some of the other projects I had to serve this new demand.

The creator economy is growing rapidly and my goal is to always provide as much value as I can to the largest group of people.

This video is very different from all of my other videos. You'll feel the stylistic difference as this video was produced by my new YouTube team.

I had to take everything that I learned from making the first couple of videos and build a scalable process for others to be able to recreate what Jared and I did.

It took a lot of patience to train new team members but we were able to find some killer editors who are excited to work with us.

Let me explain why this is important.

There's been a lot of larger creators quitting YouTube lately from burnout.

YouTube like ANY competitive career is a long-term grind.

I realized that to be able to create the content I want to create (not dictated by sponsors or money) I need to de-couple my reliance on YouTube as an income source and find a way to fund my creative ventures.

Money off ads needs to be viewed as a supplementary source, especially in the early days when I can't predict how well my videos will do.

I do not want to just churn out a high volume of crappy, low-effort videos. I want to take my time making the best content, so naturally, my production cycle will have a lot of variability vs volume-creators.

The goal is to create high-quality content and increase its volume but there's also going to be a happy medium I need to achieve to avoid the same burnout as some of these other creators.

Hence, the slight pivot from YouTube to the development and launch of my new agency Upload Studio.

Now, I don't need to depend on YouTube ads as my primary source of income.

  1. This in turn reduces the pressure to make videos for just money
  2. This allows me to take my time and make the videos I want to create
  3. By helping others make videos, I get more reps to sharpen my skills
  4. I can expand my team and hire better talent to make my videos even better

Since I sold my last agency I've had the luxury to invest my time chasing my passions.

I've since realized that my greatest passion is making these videos that touch people and inspire them.

I want to do this for the rest of my life.

As with anything else I do, I'll be sharing my journey of building another company so any of you guys watching can too (if you choose).

I just wanted to express here WHY I was doing it since the readers of this blog are here to get additional context.

I hope this video provides as much value and insight into what this new venture of YouTube has been like for me.

The final version of this video that's being published is iteration #28 (lol).

As always, if you have any questions about how I was able to achieve any of the things I did in the video, feel free to leave a comment.

I ALWAYS answer all the comments I get in my videos.

I love you guys,

Thanks for making all of this possible for me.

I can't wait to show you the next couple of videos.

Much love,

Tim Kim