Ep.2 - The Graffiti Video

Ep.2 - The Graffiti Video
Tim trying to be cool with Yas, a prominent street artist based Medellin, CO.

Working title:

I Learned How To Create Street Art with No Experience (Graffiti in Medellin, Colombia)

The steak video gave us a lot of confidence that we could learn relatively easy skills in a day or two and create a fun video out of it but we wanted to know if we could do the same while learning something that took longer than a day.

Something that would require us to create a video with a basic storyline and plot points.

While deciding what we wanted to do I realized that my hair was looking crazy in the steak video so we decided to get haircuts at the local barberia, Siete, in Medellin, CO.

While we were getting a haircut we were shooting the shit and talking to our barber about the channel and he was all like, "Bro, why don't you make a video about learning how to do something cool like graffiti since you're in Medellin?".

I was all like, "Bro, that's sick, I've never graffiti-ed before though."

He was all like, "Bro that's fine, I know one of the best street artists here."

So we messages him to see what was up...

And he actually wasn't interested in meeting up lol.

Our friend said, "Bro, it's because he doesn't think you're serious."

So... I decided to convince him to teach me.

In this video, we wanted to challenge ourselves with new styles of filmmaking while following a more linear story format. You'll see us tie this journey into a lesson about entrepreneurship. We learned a ton of stylistic elements like sound design and color grading. Focus on the progression of the story for now and give us some feedback.

Internal challenge: Can we create a video with a more linear storyline progressing over multiple days?

Parameters: Implement new techniques for filmmaking and editing.

Purpose: We want someone to start learning how to do any form of art after watching the video.

I made a playlist with all of the videos I used to learn in the Resources tab.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Much love,

Tim Kim