Ep.1 - The Steak Video

Ep.1 - The Steak Video

Working title:

I Learned How To Cook The PERFECT Steak with No Experience!

This video was actually the fourth video that we created but is the first one we're publishing.

After spending two months in South Korea working on this channel we weren't happy with any of our earlier attempts and we didn't feel like the videos we made were good enough to publish.

After our two months in South Korea, we relocated to Medellin, Colombia with our tail between our legs but we decided to try again.

The first thing we did was break down what we didn't like about the videos we made in Korea.

We did well with the visuals and script but that didn't mean they were "entertaining".

After working super hard to quantify what made something "entertaining", Jared and I realized that we hated the videos because they were simply too boring...

The information was good and it was visually appealing but that didn't make it any more "watchable".

We deconstructed what "watchable" meant to us into a more measurable formula so in this video we tuned up “watchability” by cranking up the humor (though cringe) while making sure that the primary objective of, "Does the audience learn what I'm trying to learn?" is fulfilled.

The question was, (outside of learning how to cook a steak) can we create an informative piece of content without sacrificing it being a watchable (fun, humorous, well-paced) video?

This video is a proof of concept where we picked a skill that we thought would be easy to learn to focus on completing a challenge in a single day to work on the underlying skill of creating a great video. The other videos naturally just took longer because the challenges were a lot tougher.

Internal goal: Can we create an entertaining video that serves its purpose of teaching but finish it in 1 week?

Parameters: Must be educational + entertaining.

Purpose: We want someone to be able to cook a steak after watching the video.

This was the first video that we felt had a majority of the elements that we think are important for YouTube videos.

We learned a lot while making it and it was our first win.

I hope you enjoy the video!

I made a playlist with all of the videos I used to learn in the Resources tab.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Much love,

Tim Kim