Why YouTube?

Why YouTube?
I hired a Korean image consultant and fashion stylist. (Video coming soon)

After the high from the sale of my business wore off, I asked myself...

"What do I do now?"

I could've started another company or gotten into consulting but for the first time in my life, I felt like I had time to actually think about what I wanted to do instead of thinking about what I "had" to do for money.

I've been working full-time since I got my first job at a hotel when I was 15 to help my dad with rent. Because of my job and juggling high school with extra-curricular activities, I never felt like I had time to do what I wanted to do.

So, I spent a month traveling through South Korea to connect with my roots while thinking about things I enjoyed doing.

The parts of my life that I enjoyed the most (besides meeting my fiancee) were times I spent trying new things and pushing myself to be better.

It occurred to me that if money wasn't an issue I would just spend all of my time doing just that...


Learning how to speak Spanish.
Learning how to surf.
Learning how to build a business.
Learning how to dance salsa.

So, I thought to myself...

"Is there a way I can make a living learning how to do things I enjoy?"

Welp, here's my attempt at doing just that.

I'm going to spend a year learning skills I think are interesting to me while I document the process on YouTube.

Watch me try hard here:

Tim Kim
Hey guys, πŸ‘‹ I’m Tim Kim, yes... that’s my real name. Last year, after 10+ years of self-learning skills online, I used those skills to build and sell a company. Instead of starting another money-making business, I started this channel to try and find a way to learn skills full-time. I’m going t…

Let me know what you want me to learn next.

Much love!

Tim Kim